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What are practitioners saying about The Thobe Project?

The Thobe Project is an effort to reclaim ancestral practices through relearning them and passing them on once again to future generations of Palestinians.

Reviews from current practitioners:

"Being aware that tatreez and the ancestral methods of Palestinian thobe-making have always been transmitted through orality, I feel privileged to be receiving the teachings in the Thobe Project. The class maps out very nicely the history and traditions of thobe-making, and Samia's stories and personal tatreez journey have allowed me to connect with tatreez on an insider level. Coming from a level of only having seen tatreez on smaller items, I really loved understanding the connection between tatreez, thobe, womanhood, traditions and belonging. I felt the circle/sense of community was possible from the get go, without having met anyone in person, because Samia holds the space with amazing pedagogy, patience, and generosity. I found each meeting to be very inspirational, and the quality of the teaching really elevated thanks to the teaching camera, digital sketches, the miniature demos on small fabric, and the live hand demonstrations. Everything was laid out with great clarity. I feel so very supported in this journey, despite my delays, I am not feeling behind or left out."

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