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This is to purchase a seat in the Summer 2024 cohort of The Thobe Project meeting on Friday evenings at 8pm EST/7pm CST/6pm PST. For international time zones, please see the note below. 


This course covers instruction for how to create your own Palestinian thobe using historic sewing methods - you will receive support from selecting your supplies to completing your wearable thobe. Instruction for this course spans approximately 20 months. This cohort will begin on Friday, June 7th, 2024, and conclude in Winter 2025.


Please note - this is not a course for other instructors. I do not permit individuals to take this course and reteach any part of it either in public or private platforms. Thank you for understanding - it has always been my commitment to make this course accessible for all who choose to embark on this journey, not reteach it. 


This course is conducted virtually and meeting dates are Friday evenings at 8pm EST/7PM CST/6pm PST.  Live attendance is always encouraged to be sure that you can get specific questions answered as they pertain to your project, but recordings are available as well to support your journey. Class sizes are intentionally small to ensure many of the questions that arise each cohort can be answered for each practitioner. No sewing experience is required, but you should already know how to do tatreez as that is not explicitly taught in this course.


Have questions? Please reach out. You can also speak with a current practitioner in the course if it would be helpful when deciding if this is the right next step in your journey. 


Curious what other practitioners think? Check out some reviews at the bottom of this page.


Learn the full objectives of the course here.


Please note this course includes approximately 60 hours of live instruction over the course of 20 months plus 3 optional drop-in hours monthly that include practitioners from various cohorts coming together to learn alongside each other.


International Times for Classes:

Perth, Australia: 8am Saturday mornings

Brisbane, Australia: 10am Saturday mornings

Nicosia, Cyprus: 2am Saturday mornings


Note: If you are an international participant, recordings are provided and you will have access to live support via the virtual tatreez circles and our cohort chat groups. In the past, I have had individuals complete their entire thobe only with the recordings and attendance at a few of the live circles! 

The Thobe Project - Join the Next Cohort

  • This section for the Summer 2024 cohort will meet on Friday evenings at 7pm CST (8pm EST/5pm PST) for an average of 100 minutes each session. A few of our beginning sessions will be 2 hours, but you will always know ahead of time when we will have a longer session. Our first meeting date will be June 7th. We will meet every Friday for the first 12 weeks. At that point, our schedule will shift slightly to promote flexibility as you complete a majority of the embroidery alongside practitioners from various cohorts. I will hold virtual studio hours during this time to support the embroidery process and questions that arise. All course meeting dates will always be on Friday evenings at 7pm CST (8pm EST/5pm PST).

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