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Teaching Young Kids about Tatreez: A Free & Fun Family Craft

This video was created in partnership with SawaSoCal.

Access the Video for the lesson below (at bottom of this post) or on YouTube.

Don't forget to submit your child's work for the competition!


As an educator at heart, I can't stress the importance of engaging kids in the creative process! Creativity is a skill - a valuable one at that - that is too often sidelined in favor of core curriculum subjects. In an ideal world and an ideal school, creativity would be naturally infused throughout all subjects and its skill development be given equal priority to other analytical skills.

However, in mainstream schools today, this is not the case and it often falls on parents with resources to provide artistic opportunities for their children to engage in multiple mediums of expression. Or, as I often see in the schools I work in, it falls on students to create their own opportunities with little guidance utilizing resources within their reach. While both of these avenues lead to artistic and creative development, it shouldn't be a question of resources whether or not a child engages in creative expression and development.

When it comes to tatreez, the traditional Palestinian art of embroidery, it might be difficult for parents to engage their children in both the learning and creation of this art form for many reasons. Skills, knowledge, and supplies come to mind. To make this art form more accessible to our youngest learners and to provide an enjoyable at-home family activity for anyone interested in engaging their child creatively around an exploration of tatreez, follow the steps below for a free & fun time!


Parents: Please download and print (if able to) the Tatreez Pattern Creation Worksheet for your kids by clicking this link. If you do not have access to a printer, your child can create their pattern on graph paper or on a blank piece of paper if necessary!


  1. Time: Plan to spend about 35 minutes, potentially a little longer watching and engaging in the video. There are certain parts where you can pause and discuss about the historical elements of tatreez that may generate interesting conversations depending on the age of your child.

  2. Gather your materials: You'll need the pattern creation worksheet or a blank sheet of paper and some coloring utensils. Access to the video lesson is free and posted here and in multiple locations. (Instagram/Facebook/SawaSoCal YouTube Channel)

  3. Engage in the competition: Send a photo of your child's completed tatreez pattern to Samia (@TalesofTatreez) or SawaSoCal (@SawaSoCal) for a chance to have your child's tatreez pattern featured and embroidered on fabric! Entries must be submitted before July 30th, 2020.

Below is the video (Remember to pause and play as needed to meet the needs of your child):


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