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The Thobe Project

Each cohort of The Thobe Project brings together a group of global practitioners  utilizing generational knowledge and ancestral practices to embroider our stories.

The Summer Cohort of
The Thobe Project will begin on
Friday, June 7th, 2024.

Click below to register & join us!

  • Fabrics (historically) and how to choose for your first thobe with today’s options

  • Design principles for historic and modern Palestinian thobes 

  • Historic Palestinian garment construction prior to the mechanical sewing machine​


  • Constructing the garment fully by hand - We’ll utilize historic techniques to reclaim these traditions without relying on the need to purchase machines. Rather, we’ll be empowered by the generational knowledge passed down to us by our Palestinian elders.

  • Completing the embroidery in community with other practitioners. Additionally, each practitioner can opt in to 6 hours of private consultations (mostly for design work/personalization of your thobe) throughout the course in addition to 6-8 hours of monthly classes/stitching groups to use however they see fit. In these private classes, I’ll guide practitioners in any area they’d like to include, but not limited to: stitching strategies, motif creation, personalizing the pattern/cut, constructing the garment (there are a variety of hand and machine stitching options).

  • Getting started - the pattern (a 1920s Ramallah style pattern, cutting your fabric, and how to do each step including extensive preparation)

  • It is my intention to lead you on a modern journey influenced by historic traditions in which you will be inspired and empowered to create your own motifs, designs, and tell your story through your thobe which is what our ancestors were doing. You will also have a foundation to work from - you will receive a fully charted traditional Ramallah thobe pattern to guide your design.

What will I learn?

Reviews from current practitioners:

“The Thobe Cohort experience has enhanced my learning and knowledge of Palestinian tatreez since I started. I have a deeper connection to my roots and more meaning to my tatreez practice. Samia does a great job going into details and breaking down the processes into manageable steps. She listens to our questions, feedback, and emotions and adjusts to fit what the group needs. This has also given me the opportunity to connect with passionate women around the world and learn new methods and ideas for my practice. Joining the thobe cohort has provided me sisterhood with the other practitioners. I look forward to every class. I never imagined creating my own thobe before. This class has given me the confidence and skills needed to do it and have pieces to pass down to my family in the future.” 

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